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RoomScan Pro

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RoomScan Pro is the only app with three great ways to get a floor plan, making sure it always gets the job done:

1. Augmented Reality Scanning — new in iOS 11, use your iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or above’s camera to scan the floor and accurately add walls in seconds.

2. Touch Phone Against Walls — perfect where the view of the floor is blocked or poorly-lit, just touch your phone against each wall for a rapid plan.

3. Draw Manually & Use Laser — take advantage of slick integration with Leica & Bosch laser measures to get precise measurements onto your plan in moments.

RoomScan Pro can scan building exteriors, yards and gardens too, with the ExteriorScan & PlotScan features.

Export, saving, sending and printing of your plans as standard image files is completely free and unrestricted. Optionally you can buy Export Credits for PDF, CAD and other formats.

“This app is incredible. It draws a floor plan after you tap it against the wall a few times.” — LIFEHACKER
“It’s incredibly simple, but seems to work really well.” — HUFFINGTON POST
“You can trade your tape measure for this slick app called RoomScan” — GIZMODO

Questions or comments? Before leaving feedback here, please give us a chance to help by emailing [email protected]

US Patent 8868375
UK Patent Pending

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Multiscreen Multimouse – Enable multiple mouse cursors on multiple screens (extended displays)

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Multiscreen Multimouse is a great extension for your Mac if you use multiple external displays.

Instead of having to travel your mouse cursor back and forth all the time between monitors, Multiscreen Multimouse enables you to have multiple cursors on different screens using the same machine.

Multiscreen Multimouse also supports more than 1 external display, if you have multiple ‘mice’ and multiple displays, Multiscreen Multimouse will easily remember your cursor position in each screen.

For more information, check out the demo video:
For technical support: Contact us at [email protected]

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Moom allows you to easily move and zoom windows—on one display, or to another display—using either the mouse or the keyboard. Moom lets you…

• Hover over the green button and choose from five preset size/location options in a pop-up palette
• Use a grid to ‘draw’ a window’s desired size and location
• Define custom controls to move and zoom, move to other display, center, resize, and more
• Chain custom controls together to execute complex window management tasks
• Save window layouts to easily recreate a desired window arrangement at any time
• Automatically activate saved window layouts on changes in monitor layout, as in when you disconnect from your work display and then open your laptop at home
• Use keyboard mode to do all of this, and more, without ever touching a mouse

Once you’ve tried Mooming your windows, you’ll never go back to simply moving and zooming them again.

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QR Creator Mini

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QR Creator Mini – is a quick and effective solution to create QR-Codes.

– Live creation QR-Codes
– Save to image file
– Resolution setting

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DiskZilla™ – Disk, Memory, and Adware Cleaner

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DiskZilla™ – Disk, Memory, and Adware Cleaner

No hidden in-app purchases. No subscriptions! 100% full version of the app for free!

■ OVER 2,000,000 USERS. 10,000 RATINGS. AVERAGE RATING 4.9
■ DiskZilla™ combines our most popular award winning apps into one package
■ Featured on EatAppleNews, Brothersoft, and many more!

8 essential power tools to optimize the performance of your Mac. Get the most out of your Mac.

We are giving this app away for free for a limited time! Are we crazy? Yes! But we’re celebrating reaching 2,000,000 downloads across all of our apps. We love our users. Please support us if you enjoy these apps by checking out our other apps or leaving us a review/rating. Thank you all for your continued support!

[1. Health Monitor]
◎ Intuitive overview of your Mac system stats and performance
◎ Real-time display of your CPU, network usage, memory usage, and disk space

[2. Memory Cleaner]
◎ Purge and free up your memory (RAM)
◎ Optimize performance

[3. Disk Cleaner]
◎ Scan to remove junk files and free up valuable disk space
◎ Fully customizable

[4. Adware Cleaner]
◎ Remove adware and stop pop-up scams
◎ Safely restore your web browser back to normal

[5. Disk Map Analyzer]
◎ Map your disk drive to easily find large files eating up disk space
◎ Drag & drop large files you don’t need

[6. Duplicate File Cleaner]
◎ Discover and delete your duplicate files
◎ Pin-point hash checksum accuracy to find exact duplicates

[7. Application Uninstaller]
◎ Properly uninstall applications including all leftover files
◎ Cleanup leftover caches, preferences, plists, etc

[8. File Shredder]
◎ Permanently and securley delete sensitive files
◎ Choose from 1 pass, 3 passes (DoD standard), and 35 passes (Gutmann)

For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at [email protected] We cannot respond directly to user reviews, so we encourage you to email us directly for the fastest response. We want to hear your thoughts and make improvements to future versions of this app to keep you happy. We are a small startup based out of San Diego, California and we appreciate all of the great feedback. Thank you for all the support. :)

DiskZilla™ is a registered trademark of Pocket Bits LLC. San Diego, CA USA.

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This app is an ultimate disk manager that covers all areas of disk management:

* Dual-pane file manager.
* Disk space analyzer.
* Duplicate file finder.
* Archiver.


1) Dual-Pane File Manager.

– Resizable two-pane file view.
– File operations (Copying, Moving, Deletion, Renaming, Folder Creation).
– File search with support of name wildcards and option to search globally or locally starting from a specific folder.
– Shortcuts for the common-use folders (Applications, Documents, etc).
– Launching an app file or app associated with the file.
– Drag-and-drop file operations.
– Configuration autosaving.
– Resizing and reordering columns of the file list.
– File list sorting on any column.
– Context menu.

*** Please note that file operations (Copying, Moving, Deletion, Folder Creation, App Launching) require appropriate access right or Admin Privileges to be setup for the target file/folder.

2) Disk Space Analyzer.

– Scanning for any volumes and folders.
– Instant statistics for volumes (total/free space).
– Scanning progress as number and pie indicator.
– Cancelling of scanning in progress.
– Re-scan for completed items.
– Animation of chart transitions.
– Chart navigation history with “Back”and “Forward” commands.
– Clickable multi-segment path control.
– Arbitrary chart orientation – rotation by dragging it with the mouse.
– Dynamic chart re-coloring – chart sectors will never look the same!
– Summary status bar for currently highlighted chart segment.
– Top list of files in a floating window.
– Grouping of small chart items into single distinctly colored group.
– Files and folders distinction – files are shown as shorter segments on chart and as rings-shaped bullets in list.
– In-app file deletion with drag-and-drop from chart or top list.
– Total size of items selected for deletion.
– “Open In Finder”, “Get Info”, “Quick Look” for items on chart and top list.
– Option to exclude hidden files from scanning.

3) Duplicate File Finder.

– Grouping several volumes/folders in one scan.
– Settings for minimum scanned file size and excluded paths/extensions.
– Fast and reliable method of duplicate search using SHA-1 hash.
– Grouping of the duplicates by file type (Video, Images, Documents, etc).
– Interactive chart showing distribution of duplicates by file type.
– Sorting of the duplicate groups by different fields.
– Name filter for duplicate groups.
– Total/selected number of items in each duplicate group.
– In-app Quick Look preview for duplicate item.
– “Open In Folder” command for duplicate item.
– “Auto Select” and “Deselect All” functions.
– Indicators for total size/count of duplicate and size/count for duplicates selected for removal.

4) Archiver.

– Packing for ZIP, TAR, 7z.
– Encryption with password.
– Drag & Drop packing and unpacking.
– Quick look without unpacking.
– Archive file list sorting by name, size, packed size and modification date.

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Window Tidy

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How many times have you had to keep switching between documents when you wished you could just see them all at the same time? For example, composing an email whilst referencing information on a spreadsheet and a PDF? The process of dragging and resizing these windows manually is very fiddly and time consuming. And then when you’re done, you’ve got to move them all back! Step in Window Tidy.

Window Tidy lets you quickly and easily arrange your application windows on your Desktop onto a customisable grid using nothing but drag and drop! When you want to reposition a window, there are no hot-keys to remember or menus to click, you simply drag and drop the window onto customisable pop-up Layout Icon and it will instantly snap to that layout. It also works seamlessly over multiple monitors too!

You can create any number of layouts, each with it’s own grid size, so in just a few seconds you can take control of your Desktop and get working more efficiently.

## Main Features ##

– Intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with OS X
– Layouts can be added, removed and customised
– Specify the look and position of the pop-up Layout Icons
– Configure the Option Key to either show / hide the Layout Icons whilst dragging
– Independent grid size for each layout
– Elegant multiple monitor support
– Menu option to move the active window to the current screen
– Quick Layout option for applying a new layout without adding it to the list
– Bonus feature allows windows to be captured to the pasteboard just by dragging them onto a layout
– Assign keyboard shortcuts to individual layouts for when using a mouse is not convenient

## Quick Layout ##

If you want to apply a different layout to a window, but don’t intend to use it regularly you can apply a Quick Layout. This can be triggered from the Window Tidy menu or using a global hotkey. When triggered a window appears allowing you to quickly drag the grid area you want the active window to occupy, and when you release the mouse button the layout is applied.

## Multiple Monitor Support ##

When you drag a window onto another screen, the Layout Icons move to the new screen. When you drop the window on a Layout Icon the window is moved into position on the screen containing the layouts. Windows can be moved onto a new monitor and have a layout applied in one simple drag and drop movement.

If you have worked with multiple screens you may have found that occasionally windows get lost, perhaps because the screen they are on is currently switched off. We have provided a function to move the active window to the current screen to help you retrieve these lost windows.

Please note, Window Tidy is an assistive application and requires the system accessibility setting “Enable access for assistive devices” to be turned on. Window Tidy checks this setting and shows novice users how to adjust it if required.

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dB Decibel Meter – sound level measurement tool

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dB Meter in your pocket.

Sound level meter with exclusive accuracy of measurements. Calibrated with professional high-precision decibel meter.

Please note that dB Meter – lux decibel measurement tool app is not a replacement for a professional device and should be used for private purposes only. It provides a simple way to measure audio volumes in your environment.


– Full support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

– Unique and attractive design.

– Exclusive simplicity and convenience of use .

– Highly accurate measurements.

Have any questions or suggestions? Write to us: [email protected]

DB Chart
150-160 dB = Eardrum rupture

140 decibel = Aircraft carrier deck.

130 dB = Jet take-off (100 meters), gun blast at close range.

120 dB= Human pain threshold, loud rock concert.

110 decibel = Serious hearing damage if sustained for more than 1 hour.

100 dB = Serious hearing damage if sustained for more than 8 hours.

90 decibel = Likely hearing damage if sustained for more than 8 hours.

80 decibel = Potential but unlikely hearing damage if sustained for more than 8 hours.

70 dB = Just annoying, but probably safe.

60 dB= Typical conversational volume.

50 dB = A quiet, library conversation.

40 decibel = A whisper.

30 dB= Barely audible sound.

20 decibel= Threshold of human hearing.

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Disk Cartography – clever disk space analyzer

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Disk Cartography scans and analyzes your disks and folders for real space hogs. It’s more than just a disk cleaning tool – Disk Cartography is a professional Mac data mapping app built with elegant simplicity.

Disk Cartography is a powerful disk explorer that adds much-needed folder structure visualization to the familiar tree-like representation of your data. It’s just a matter of time before your hard drive or cloud storage folder gets close to its capacity. Disk Cartography quickly builds a visual data map to show you which apps, movies, photo collections, and music archives are taking up your precious disk space.


* Quickly build visual maps of disk, folder and sub-folder sizes
* Maps any type of disk (hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc.) that you can view on your Mac
* 3 display modes: by Disk Space, Percent or File Count
* Color-coded folder names help to quickly identify the largest folders
* Visualize the contents of a single folder or an entire drive
* Real-time scanning results
* Automatic and manual filters to sort by file/folder type, size, or name
* Easy file and folder removal
* Save and load last scanning session
* Extremely high scanning speed
* Scan network drives
* Retina ready

Helpful usage scenarios:

* Easily visualize and clean your Dropbox or Google Drive folder to save on storage fees
* See available network drives and map their contents to identify useless data
* Search for duplicate files
* Recover your valuable disk space fast when you need it
* Keep your hard drive healthy by maintaining a minimum of 20% free space

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Fotor Photo Editor & Camera Plus – Photo Collage,Picture Caption and Photo Effects

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One stop photo editing, sharing and sale platform.
Considered the ‘Photoshop lite’ by the BBC, Fotor mobile has evolved from being one of the most user-friendly ‘on-the-go’ utility apps, to a world first photographic community platform. Now allowing millions of photographers from around the world to connect, collect, share and inspire, Fotor is an all-in-one platform allowing the amateur photographer and enthusiast the opportunity to win prizes, profits and fame!

【Photo Editor 】
The ‘Focus’ feature simulates depth of field and ‘bokeh’, similar to DSLR lenses. It’s completely customizable, allowing for scale, shape and effect adjustment.

The ‘Enhance’ function, complete with ‘slide on screen’ capability, allows for rapid adjustments in in details and gradation.

‘Scene effects’ make it even easier to customize your photography to different lighting situations, allowing for the modification of saturation, brightness and contrast.

A massive range of updated effects and filters, allowing you to simulate an almost unlimited number of styles, including: Film, Vintage, B&W, etc.

Up to 10 completely customizable ‘Edit’ functions, allowing you to all forms of editing, from minute ‘touch ups’ to extensive images changes.

Rebuild image composition and rotate your photo to your heart’s content with the optimized ‘Crop-Edit’ function.

Weekly updated stickers, frames, filters and fonts will ensure a fresh new design for every day of the week!

【Enhanced Camera】
-6 photo-taking modes, with features like Grid, Big Button, Burst, Timer, Stabilizer, and Square.
【Collage 】
Classic: Use up to 9 photos in your collage; Choose from tons of awesome templates.

Magazine: Make a collage with exciting built-in magazine templates.

With weekly photo events and different topics, you’ve got many chances to gain inspiration from other photographers;
In the Inspire section you can enjoy all the amazing photography; works and even collect the photos you like and follow the photographers.

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