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Mama Apps

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Met de Mama Apps iPad App kunnen mama’s (to be) 24/7 gegevens bijhouden en informatie raadplegen rondom zwanger worden, zwangerschap, kraamtijd, baby’s en kinderen. Het unieke van is de combinatie van iPad App én website met een compleet overzicht van 35 apps in 1.

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10K Pro – Run Your First 10K from Zero

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10K Pro is an ultimate coach to 10K run training for new runners or 5K experienced runners. It will assist you to accomplish 10K from zero in 12 weeks. It can increase your max running distance to a full 10K by incremental training. This is your best coach to get you in shape in most effective and intuitive manner.

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Nike+ Running

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The most popular running app on iTunes just got a fresh new look for summer. Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to reach your goals. No sensor or additional products needed, just grab your phone and go.

– From the trail to the treadmill, your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer accurately record your distance, pace, and time. In-run audio feedback lets you know these metrics at every mile, so you can stay focused on your run.

– Get in-ear cheers from your friends on Facebook and Path when you broadcast that you’ve started a run. Tag the Facebook friends who you ran with and share a map of your route with friends and family.

– Have a song that gets you pumped? Set up PowerSongs to give yourself a boost with the tap of a button.

– Syncing your run to the website allows you to view your
maps on a larger screen, set a new goal, and find Nike+ Top Routes in your
area. Check it out.

– Localized app language support in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean,
Portuguese, and Spanish.

-COMPATIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: The Nike+ GPS App is compatible with iPhone
3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations) running iOS
4.0 or later.

– Some features such as Share Run and Cheer Me On require users to be connected to a wireless network for full functionality. Note that iPod touch does not support GPS functionality. Also, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background could dramatically decrease battery life.

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TargetWeight PRO (Multi-User Weight, BP & Step Tracker)

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TargetWeight PRO is the world’s best “Executive eHealth Tracking System” for both iPhone & iPad (HD). See it LIVE reviewed on video at the DailyAppShow!

TargetWeight PRO gives you a personalized health dashboard with everything you need to know, all color coded in green-yellow-orange and red so you know where you stand and it will drive you to a new healthier, more active version of yourself. It just wants to bring you into the green zone!

TargetWeight PRO is easy to use, clean and professional. Its built from millions of TargetWeight users feedback, from our frustration of not finding it and from the sheer passion to have it ourselves!

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Serenity ~ the relaxation app

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Life can be chaotic and stressful.
Take a break and relax with Serenity,
a collection of beautiful, tranquil
destinations in your pocket.

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Slim Koken

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Met de Slim Koken-app van het Voedingscentrum geniet je van lekker eten én bespaar je geld. Hoe dat werkt? Met deze app kook je precies op maat. Je krijgt bovendien slimme koop- en bewaartips.

Wat kook jij? Een Spaanse kipschotel of Ajam Ati boontjes? Zoek en vind lekkere recepten, sla ze op in je kookboek, maak een boodschappenlijstje en deel je tips en foto’s met andere gebruikers.

Geld verdienen met gratis app!
De Slim Koken-app is ook een hulpmiddel om voedselverspilling te voorkomen. We gooien namelijk jaarlijks, per persoon € 150,00 aan eten weg. Zoek op ingrediënt om iets lekkers met een kliekje te maken. Of kijk in de alfabetische lijst met bewaartips om bijvoorbeeld te zien of je die aardappelsalade in de koelkast nog kunt eten.

20% Nederlanders kookt dagelijks voor de afvalbak
Jaarlijks gooien we per persoon gemiddeld € 135,00 euro aan eten weg. Een derde van het eten dat we weggooien zijn maaltijdresten. 20% van de mensen schuift dagelijks prima eten van het bord in de afvalbak. 14 procent van de Nederlanders kookt steevast te veel pasta, rijst en aardappels.
De app is naast een lekker, mobiel kookboek ook een hulpmiddel voor mensen die willen stoppen met deze verspilling. Je krijgt koop-, kook- en bewaartips. Doordat je precies kunt aangeven wie mee-eten en hoe oud ze zijn, kook je niet snel te veel.

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Weight Computer

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Finally comes the application you were waiting to control your weight!

Weight Computer is an application that will allow you control your weight in an easy and simple way, giving you all the information you need to control how you lose or gain weight in an efficient and professional fashion.

Weight Computer will give you all the parameters needed in any diet. Even data that medical professionals do not usually give to you. Just set your goal weight and enter your weight regularly. Weight Computer will display the following information for you:

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The ideal tool to keep you fit, loose weight or run faster and farther. Follow the coach!

• Records the GPS of your outdoor activities: running, biking, walking
• Calculates the distance, duration, speed and fat you burnt
• Info in audio, in real time
• Integrates with the iPod music player
• Displays your tracks on maps
• Full and exportable history of your runs

321Run helps you run by monitoring your goals : set yourself a distance or duration goal, and your coach will tell you your progress, each km or each mile, every 5 minutes.

The custom trainings will allow you to have precise directions from your coach when you need to run, walk, run fast. For faster trainings, it will tell you when to cool down and when to reach your max speed and heart rate frequency. Trainings come as programs to help you make progress gradually.

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The hunt is on and you are the target!

Choose from four unique pursuers, select how fast they will be, how much of a head start they’ll give you and make a run for the safe zone! You will know whenever your pursuers come closer; their ominous sound will swell up in the background. Whether it’s The Law, a pack of snarling dogs or a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals, you better pick up the pace to stay ahead!


– Choose from 4 unique pursuers, each with their own accompanying sounds
– Track your own progress and the progress of your pursuer in real time
– Use it on foot, in a car, on a train; anywhere you can receive a solid GPS signal
– Use your surroundings to hide from the GPS signal, win time and confuse your pursuer
– Challenge your friends!

Use HuntedApp as a novel way to get back in shape (a fitness app that is actually fun to use) or simply to make your daily commute a little more exciting. This app will augment your reality as no other App has done before.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Buy it here to improve your health :) only $0.99

Pregnancy Journal • Sprout

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Sprout Pregnancy Journal™

Presenting the world’s first pregnancy journal app-to-book™ – made by you and your family! – and delivered right to your door.

• What were you doing when you first found out you were pregnant?
• How did your partner and friends react to the news?
• Got a special craving or a belly pic you’d like to share?

Congratulations – you’re pregnant! Capture all of these special moments in your pregnancy and more as you record all of the treasured thoughts, images, events, doctor notes and feelings you have along the way.

Free for a limited time, get it here!
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