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Airport Madness Challenge

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Six airports, awesome multi-player head to head and single player sudden death action, available in High Definition!

Have you got what it takes to manage a busy airport? Play the role of an air traffic controller at six challenging airports. As days turn into nights turn into days, and as skies cloud over, this is your opportunity to see if you have nerves of steel and a clear head!

If you have tried Airport Madness Mobile, you must try Airport Madness Challenge. In each exciting level, traffic and complexity gradually builds until all but the finest controllers wash out. Sink or swim!

Push yourself to move traffic as tightly as possible without compromising safety or incurring delays. Play multi-player over Bluetooth against any friend with an iPad, iPhone or iPod in either of two multiplayer modes: Tycoon Mode or Survival Mode. In Survival Mode it is a showdown to see who can last the longest without a midair collision. In Tycoon Mode your goal is to drive the opponent into bankruptcy.

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Dice Match HD

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Fun & relaxing and easy to play. Similar to match 3 games but with a new style of gameplay. Match the dice and score high points! ‘Classic’ version included, with the option to purchase additional game modes. Plan your strategy to save your last move on all the high values, or just swipe all the pairs. Occasionally, a rare dice will appear but use it wisely on the high dice values. After each game, your score is saved on a local High Score list for you to compete again the next time. Great resolution graphics and fun music, you can play over and over. Now supports the ability to play your iPod music.

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