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Smoothies, the healthy fruit shakes

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Smoothies, the healthy fruit shakes is free today in collaboration with the Health event of AppEvent!
Download the free AppEvent-­app or visit for more free apps!

Delicious, very easy to prepare smoothies!

Fruit contains lots of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
Fruit keeps you healthy, keeps your weight stable and is extremely important in the prevention of many diseases.

The recommended amount of fruit is at least 2 – 3 cups per day. But for many people it is difficult to take that much every day.
For all those people, smoothies are a great solution.

For each smoothie the app describes clearly how to prepare the smoothie, its ingredients, its nutritional values, and the diseases and illnesses the smoothie can help prevent.

It indicates, for each smoothie and for each individual fruit, the percentage of the recommended daily intake (RDI) it contains, of the most important vitamins and minerals.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a smoothie from the wide selection. Therefore, the app helps you, by letting you choose a smoothie in several ways:

– Per fruit. You can choose from 20 different fruits.

– Fruits can be classified by their color.
Each color contains different important vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances.
To ensure your intake of nutrients is as varied as possible, the app divides the smoothies in different colors.

– The app indicates, for a large number of diseases and conditions, which fruits, and therefore smoothies, are beneficial in their prevention.

– The smoothies can also be selected by whether they contain dairy products or not and by calories.

This app is available in English, Spanish and Dutch

There is plenty of choice!

Download it here it is (now) free!

Zoete Recepten+ by Food4Friends

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Zoete Recepten is vandaag (20-12-2013) gratis in verband met het ‘Verrukkelijke Event’ van AppEvent! Bezoek voor meer gratis apps de komende dagen of download de gratis AppEvent app en mis nooit meer een gratis app!

Alles wat je nodig hebt om een zoete inval compleet te maken. Deze kook applicatie bevat 80 mierzoete en heerlijke recepten voor elk moment van de dag.

Je kunt één voor één door de recepten bladeren of één van de receptfilters gebruiken om snel je favoriete zoet te vinden.

Onzeker over je kookkunsten? Klik op de videobutton en bekijk de eenvoudige bereidingsvideo’s, die zijn toegevoegd aan een aantal van onze speciale recepten.

Klaar om te koken? Gebruik de kookmodus met daarin alle informatie die je nodig hebt, zodat je je scherm tijdens het koken zo min mogelijk hoeft aan te raken.

Heb je tijdens het koken zin in wat leesvoer? Met de leuke en opvallende tips en tricks bij de hoofdstukken en de recepten geef je je gerecht een andere draai!

Is het lastig om een eetafspraak te plannen met je vrienden? Gebruik de functie FoodInvites om je vrienden uit te nodigen!


– 80 heerlijke recepten
– 4 instructievideo’s
– Veel extra tips, suggesties en info om te variëren
– Foto’s van zeer hoge resolutie, zowel in Landscape als in Portrait mode
– Receptfilter voor snel te bereiden gerechten
– Snelle toegang tot je favoriete recepten
– Boodschappenlijstjes mailen
– Aantekeningen maken bij de recepten
– Kookmodus met geïntegreerde klok; de klok werkt onafhankelijk, zodat je meerdere recepten tegelijkertijd kunt bereiden
– Vrienden uitnodigen voor je diner en het meteen in iCal zetten door op de datum in de e-mail te tappen!

Download hier!

Winebase – wine notes

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“Winebase – wine notes is free today (december 16) in collaboration with the AppEvent! Visit for more free apps!”
• Remember wines and what you thought about them.
• Share experiences and wine files with your friends.
• Button that enters wine details directly in Google Search.

Is it the wine from 2008 or 2009 you enjoyed so much? “Winebase” lets you add and retrieve wines simple and fast.

“Winebase” distinguishes itself by its lightning fast keyboard suggestions that help you enter your wine within seconds: just type the first two letters of a word and “Winebase” will search its local database of 1500+ wine regions and 900+ varietals.

Easily share your wines with friends and import their suggestions directly into the app via .wib files. Sort by year, rating, shop, price, bottles, etc. Favorites are only one tap away. The search supports multiple keywords, making “Winebase” the user friendliest wine app!


• Smart keyboard suggestions.
• Add rating, favorites, notes, shop etc.
• Share wines via Twitter, Facebook, Email.
• Import wines via .wib files.
• Full text search, supports multiple keywords.
• Sort by Wine details (name, vintage, varietal, country, region, style, shop, bottles, rating)
• Photograph front and back wine labels.
• Backup wine data to your hard disk or iCloud.
• Intelligent: remembers words you typed.


• Filter by starred or type.
• Cear and user friendly interface, two color themes (burgundy, vine).
• Universal, works on iPhone and iPad.

Download it here it is (now) free!


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SPINACH is een APP om je te helpen stap voor stap je eetpatroon gezond(er) te krijgen. Vol tips & tricks en met ruim 40 recepten. Ingedeeld per eetmoment om gedurende de week snel & simpel te kunnen variëren. Niet alleen voor vrouwen, ook voor mannen én met een aparte categorie handige tips voor je kids.

• 11 pagina’s vol met tips, tricks, makkelijke alternatieven & smart food swaps
• Meer dan 30 makkelijke & voedzame recepten voor ieder eetmoment
• Specifieke recepten voor vrouwen, mannen & kinderen
• ‘Where 2 buy’ pagina met suggesties voor producten, boeken & stuff ‘we love’.
• Per recept een foto
• Product suggesties met handige links
• Favoriete recepten mailen naar je inbox

Download it here it is (now) free!


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Sauces is free today by reason of the Christmas AppEvent action! Visit for more free apps to come.

Delicious Sauces: A Universal App for iPhone and iPad presents the Classics of Cuisine!

“Sauces” will not be able to install on a device that has already “The Cook’s Encyclopedia” installed.
The contents of “Sauces” are identical to the Glossary and the chapters “Cold Sauces”, “Butter and Vinegar” and “Sauces and Stocks” from our App “The Cook’s Encyclopedia”.

Béchamel, Béarnaise or Hollandaise sauce, maybe a vinaigrette for salads too: If you can make a delicious sauce in your own kitchen, you have achieved mastery and can thrill your guests. Because sauces often pose real problems for chefs, Buenavista Studio now offers the new universal App, “Sauces”. It explains step by step how to make warm and cold sauces, stocks, flavored butters and flavored vinegars.

– Large kitchen glossary with over 400 technical terms, most of them illustrated
– 49 recipes for sauces and stocks
– 12 recipes for flavored butters and vinegars
– The Kitchen Doctor helps rescue curdled Hollandaise or lumpy Béchamel
– 300 more recipes available via In-App Purchase

The fine art of cooking – that’s the reason for the award-winning “Cooking” App published by Buenavista Studio. This comprehensive work now has an offshoot, the “Sauces” App. It concentrates just on this difficult area of cooking. For our grandmothers knew all along that if you can magically create a delicious sauce for dinner, you have really mastered the kitchen.

The App first presents the “Sauces and Stocks” chapter. The table of contents for these recipes shows the name of each sauce with an initial photo and its preparation time in minutes. The amateur chef will find easy instructions that show how to make a brown gravy for a roast, start a simple Bolognese sauce, conjure up a tomato sauce or prepare a golden curry sauce. The App also presents a horseradish sauce, a thickened tarragon cream sauce and a chicken stock. The stocks section has vegetable, fish and shellfish stocks at the ready.

The universal App gives a list of ingredients illustrated with photos for each sauce, reminds you of its preparation time and notes the degree of difficulty. The photos by an expert food photographer show how delicious the results can look. The instructions for preparation are clear and precise. Each step has a photo showing how the intermediate results should look or when to use a new technique. Your successful recipes can be saved as Favorites or sent by email to a desktop computer.

The App continues with the chapter “Butter and Vinegar”. Culinary experts give advice on how to successfully prepare Basil Tomato Butter, delicious Herb Butter or an extravagant Nut Butter. If a recipe calls for melted or clarified butter as an ingredient, you will learn how to make it.

The chapter also shows how to prepare tasty vinegar dressings for salads. It contains recipes such as the classic Vinaigrette of oil and vinegar, but also Truffle Vinegar, Vanilla and Cardamom Vinegar or Lemon and Rosemary Vinegar.

The universal App is rounded off with an extensive glossary, making it a sophisticated basic reference work for the kitchen. It explains terms from A to Z. There are also cooking-time tables for vegetables, meat and legumes.

Very important: The “Sauces” App is the little brother of our big kitchen App “The Cook’s Encyclopedia”. If you enjoy the quality of the extensively illustrated recipes, you can buy more recipe collections from “The Cook’s Encyclopedia” via In-App Purchase. The following chapters are available:
– Egg Dishes, Appetizers, Salads and Soups (50 recipes + 6 preparations)
– Bread and Desserts (50 recipes + 8 preparations)
– Fish and Shellfish (36 recipes + 13 preparations)
– Meat and Poultry Recipes (51 recipes + 4 preparations)
– Vegetables, Legumes and Plant Proteins (40 recipes + 36 preparations)
– Pasta, Rice and Potatoes (56 recipes + 11 preparations)

Download it here it is (now) free!