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Quick CSS Button

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With improved support from major web browsers for CSS 3 and HTML 5, developer today prefer to create button using CSS and HTML than using static image. With CSS, button can easily adapt to a different size without losing any quality and will greatly reduce bandwidth usage. Creating button with CSS is pretty easy. Everyone can code it using a simple text editor, but it will be time consuming and quite a tedious work. Using Quick CSS Button, creating a button is much more fun. Just a few clicks here and there than your button is ready to use. Give it a try.

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Brightness 2

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Brightness 2 allows you to control the brightness of your Mac’s screen right from your Mac’s menubar.

Support Yosemite (requires 10.10)

DarkMode Support.

Apple Script Support


tell application “/Applications/”
brightness intensity 100
end tell

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Markdown is a text editor that is designed from the ground up around the Markdown syntax, and Markdown is out the box, it supports Github Flavored Markdown. It is designed to make writing in markdown even easier than before, with automatic syntax highlighting, built in preview engine, easy export to HTML and PDF, and more…

By using Markdown built around GFM, you can focus on the actual writing rather than worrying about formatting and styles. Let the computer deal with that when you are ready to export your document to another format.


* Github Flavored Markdown syntax highlighting
* Multiple underscores in words
* URL autolinking
* Strikethrough
* Fenced code blocks
* Syntax highlighting
* Tables
* Task list

* Open document in tabs, customizable tab style
* Customizable themes – choose from built in themes or design your own
* Instant preview of rendered HTML
* Export to HTML, PDF
* Easily print
* Dark and Light style
* Line number

Assisted Editing:

* Automatic list formatting
* Auto increment numbering in ordered lists
* Auto complete matching characters
* Smart pairs : close parentheses, brackets, quotes, etc
* Automatic table alighment
* Automatic link creation
* Smart actions make writting easy

Enhanced features

* Auto save: Markdown will pick back up where you left off when you quit and restart the application
* Versions: Markdown will save new versions of your file periodically so that you can go back to a previous version of your work after you’ve changed it
* Full screen mode: word on your document in full screen to minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand
* iCloud Driver support

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ColorSnapper — the missing color picker for OS X.

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ColorSnapper is an easy-to-use tool for quickly finding out the color of any pixel on the screen. It is activated via a configurable system-wide hotkey, giving you a magnifying loupe to easily pick the pixel you need. The resulting color is copied to clipboard in a format of your preference.

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● Customizable global hotkey
● 14 different color formats, including HEX, RGBa, HSLa, NSColor, UIColor (RGB/HSB)
● Setup primary and secondary formats and quickly switch between them using ⌥-key
● Change the magnification level using ⌘+ and ⌘- shortcuts
● Optional overlay with color codes in different formats
● Quick access to recently picked colors
● Paste the color format directly into your CSS file or application code
● Supports keyboard navigation with arrow keys
● Multi-Monitor and spaces support
● Support for picking from apps in fullscreen mode
● Displays selected color in menulet icon
● Display and pick alternative color format in history picks, just press ⌥ (Alt) key
● Ready for retina displays
● Display picked color in Notification Center
● Optimized for OS X Mavericks

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IconFly – make icon on the fly!
IconFly is the easy-to-use powerful tool for generate different type of icons from images for both OS X and iOS. iOS 8 supported.
Just put image and voila!

Supported file format for creating icons: png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, icns, psd, eps, ai, pdf

Mac icons
• Create ICNS
• Create iconset (compatible with Xcode 4.4 and higher)
• Create folder with icon
• Set icon on the folder
• Save icon as image in the next formats:
• Preview in Dock
• Corner rounding

iOS icons
• Create icon for iPhone
• Create icon for iPad
• Create icon for Universal
• Support icons for iOS 8 as well as for iOS 7 and previous version of iOS
• Support icons for new iPhone 6 Plus
• Rounding and shine

Web icons
• Create web clip icon and favicon

Additional features
• QuickIcon
• Generate within and without scaling
• Quick change image in any icon size

Icons generated using IconFly fully compatible with iOS and OS X Human Interface Guidelines.
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Prototypr is a hand-crafted app to help you build stunning iOS app prototypes rapidly and easily.
Import images from Photoshop, link the screens, upload the result onto an iOS device over WiFi and show it off to your fellow developers and product owners. Want to showcase the design on a bigger screen? Run the prototype directly on your big and beautiful Mac screen or over a projector. All this is a snap with Prototypr. And a joyful one.

Using Prototypr you can:
• Easily create an interactive prototype of your app and check it out on the device
• Preview a Photoshop document on the device’s screen with a hot key
• Better communicate design ideas to improve development speed
• Run a gorgeous full-screen showcase of the prototype on your display or projector
• Save time and money with rapid design iterations

Uploading to a device to do a demo has never been easier: bring the iOS device and the Mac on the same WiFi network and the rest it taken care of. The player iOS app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Prototypr runs on any iOS device in both portrait and landscape—it’s up to you to rotate it the way you want, though.

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regular expression tool // support search and replace

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JSRef is the missing quick offline reference for the web- and webapp-developer. It contains the current CSS3, ECMA (JavaScript Language Specification), DOM and Canvas API documentation.

JSRef comes with a system wide service “Lookup in JSRef”, that integrates into your system and lets you look up the API entry from within any application (e.g. your HTML editor or Safari). And the lookup is scriptable with AppleScript, so you can easily integrate the lookup into your custom workflow. An example AppleScript and Alfred extension for Alfred Power-Users is included.

You can copy syntax snippets or drag the entries into your text editor.

JSRef also contains the WebKit console, so you can try out the syntax right in the JavaScript console (right-click and select “Inspect Element”).

The content has been sourced from the MDN Wiki and was edited for JSRef. Though everything has been carefully checked, there is no guarantee about the correctness of the provided information. Each entry also contains generated links to caniuse, stackoverflow and a general web search to speed up your research.

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CodePad is the quickest and easiest way to edit source code files on your Mac. With support for xml, json, c++, c-sharp, java, php and many more, this app is a tiny profiled one stop stop.

+ iCloud support.
+ Syntax highlighting for multiple languages.
+ Togglable line numbers and word wrapping.
+ Multiple themes.

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GitClony is a fast and easy way to clone a Git repository from a remote server (like

Just copy a Git-Url to the clipboard and press the clone Button. GitClony also can be configured to start cloning automatically when it detects a Git-Url.

– automatically detects Git-Urls from the clipboard (with sound-notification)
– can be configured to start cloning automatically if a Git-Url was detected
– plays a sound-notification if cloning is finished
– automatically opens Finder and the destination directory if cloning is complete
– choose a destination directory where all future Git repositories will be copied (needs to be done only once)

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