Professional grade Mac Locking App – use a Bluetooth device (with optional proximity), a USB device, a hotkey or your Apple Remote to lock (and optionally also unlock) your Mac. Check out for demos and more info!

Main Features:
Lock on USB Device removal.
Lock on Bluetooth Device disconnect.
Lock on Bluetooth device minimum signal strength (OSx Lion)
Lock with a hotkey.
Lock with your Apple IR Remote
Lock by clicking the TokenLock dock icon.
Lock by selecting Lock from status bar menu.
Unlock screen saver on return of USB Device
Unlock screen saver on return of BlueTooth Device
Unlock with your Apple IR Remote
Disable locking for a predefined amount of time.
Growl support for status messages.
Sleep Aware: When the computer sleeps, this causes USB disconnections. TokenLock is smart enough to realize this and avoids “Double locking” your computer when the USB device you choose has not re-initialized yet after sleep mode.
Security information area to help you understand security risks and options as you configure them.

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