Super Copy Paste

Super Copy Paste makes it easy to copy, reformat, and paste text, saving you precious time in your workday.

If you’re like most people, you often copy text — from a web page, an email, a document — and paste it somewhere else. Unfortunately, the defaults in various applications cause problems with the paste formatting, and for some reason, the default is never quite what you want.

Super Copy Paste turns the text you copy into plain text, so it will always match your destination formatting. Beyond this, SCP can apply text filters like removing new lines or email forward (“>”) characters, so you can get your work done without nit-picking paste formatting issues.

Here’s how it works. Open the Super Copy Paste Application. Now browse to your source text — in your browser, for example — and copy some text to the clipboard. Then, apply filters in Super Copy Paste, Preview the results, and copy these changes to your clipboard with a click. You can now paste this reformatted text anywhere.

The best part is, the Super Copy Paste app can run in the background. In fact, once you set it to your preferences, it can run in the background and stay out of your way.

Free for a limited time, get it here!