Ringtone Maker for iPhone

Create ringtones from varieties media
•You can use songs and movies in your iTunes library (except DRM protected files) to create ringtones.
•Record sounds from build-in microphone.

Easy to edit
•Waveform view helps you trim sounds intuitively and accurately
•Add fade-in and fade-out effects for ringtones
•Preview your ringtone exactly as it will sound on your phone
•Send your freshly created ringtone to your iTunes library so it is ready for sync

How to use
1. Selecting file or recording voice. Choose a song or movie with the built-in media browser or just drag one to the application or record one instantly.
2. Adjusting Effect (optional). Apply the fade-in/out effects to the ringtone as you like. And you can amplify the volume if the original one is too low.
3. Previewing. Listen and figure out which part of the file you want as your ringtone
4. Generating. Click Start.

That’s it. Your ringtone shows up in the iTunes™ library immediately.

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