The simplest app for using Pomodoro Technique.

## Ranked Top 5 Productivity in 24 countries!
## Ranked Top 100 Overall in 67 countries!


“I have been using your app for about 6 months. I chose your app over the others because I liked that it was very simple and the design was very clean.” – Malcolm Crowe

“Kudos on this great simple app. I’ve seen apps that do too much and I’ve seen apps that do too little. This one does just enough.” – Tiago Maduro Dias

Since last October, PomodoroApp has got more than 14k downloads, and we’re reaching 200k full pomodoros sessions!

This started as a pet project, since I quit my full-time job last October. Over the pass 8 months, I’ve been putting more and more hours in it. The current status is no where near if it can take off by itself, but it’s your feedback and emails that motivate me to continue to develop on this project. Thanks for all your support!

Download it here it is (now) free!