PixelScheduler the world thin schedule management application.

To interrupt the work every time you check the calendar, do not you that you have a troublesome think?
will be freed from the hassle interrupt the work, such as “open” and “close” in that it works with iCal.
I realized a simple and beautiful UI precisely because intuitive application that specializes appointments to “knowing” that you can check the schedule for the day.

Function Introduction

iCal and cooperation, I will show the appointment of the day.
Synchronize with the color of the plan that you set in iCal.
You can change the width of the display area in three stages.
I can set the display area left edge, right edge, to the location of the bottom and preferences.
Displays an appointment as up to end 24 hours from the end (1 day).
Symbol is displayed that shows the current time, to move in conjunction with the current time.
Display an appointment in the pop-up by simply mouse over, you can see in a moment.

SALE Information

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