MuteMyMic is a simple, yet useful application. It allows you to control the volume of currently selected input.

MuteMyMic shows it’s presence by adding new icon into the menu bar. This icon allows you to adjust the volume of the input exactly the same way as output volume adjustment works.

In addition to that, MuteMyMic provides keyboard shortcuts to decrease (F5) and increase volume (F6). You can also use fast-mute (option+F5) and fast-max-volume (option+F6).

Great benefit of the application is that it works in background and allows you to control the input’s volume with a single key or mouse click while at the same time you can enjoy your favorite applications that require your mic.

Now, you can adjust volume of your Internet phone calls right from the keyboard shortcuts.

You can always quit the application by performing secondary click on the menu icon (Right-Click/Ctrl+Click).

0.99$ introductory price for a limited time period. Will be 1.99$

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