Copy’em Paste – Copy & Paste More in Less Time

Lose what you’ve copied? Or spend too much time switching back and forth between apps, just to copy/paste few things? Copy’em Paste lets you copy many things and keep them — without switching between apps! You can use it to speed up your copy/paste workflow, or simply, collect your favorite clippings with extreme ease!


– Remembers the things copied with regular copy commands (such as ⌘-C)
– Supports text, images, links, HTML, code, PDFs, files, and more
– Instant access to clippings via menubar or custom shortcut (⌘-Shift-V)

– Can find clippings by search, or filtering of content types and applications
– Starred lists for remembering favorite clippings
– Create starred clippings with custom shortcut (⌘-Shift-C)

– Can edit text clippings
– Can strip rich-text formats, and apply other text transformations
– Can auto-paste clippings (see ** below)

– Can blacklist applications (not save clippings from them)
– Can delete selected clippings (or stop collecting new clippings)
– More…


For example, to paste a clipping copied earlier, simply:

(1) Press ⌘-Shift-V (or click a menubar icon) to show the clippings
(2) Click the clipping (or press a local shortcut) to select it; and
**(3) Paste the clipping using a regular paste command (such as ⌘-V)

** You can skip Step 3 altogether, by simply installing an auto-paste helper app, available for free from our website. Then Step 2 above will automatically paste the clipping for you.


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