Clips is a time machine for your clipboard – it remembers everything you copy/paste so you never lose a thing!

– Unintrusive system clipboard monitoring
When Clips is running you won’t even notice it. Its advanced architecture allows it to sit in the background and silently add anything you copy.

– Application automatic clipboards
As you go about your daily business, Clips automatically generates and arranges copied items into Application-specfic clipboards. If that’s not enough, you can create your own.

– Smart Clipboards
They’re exactly what you’d think they are. Define a set of rules and these clipboards will automagically display all past and future matching clips.

– Live Search
Storing dozens or hundreds of clips? Just start typing in the Clips Board and irrelevant items will fly off the screen instantly.

– Abbreviations: on-the-fly text expansion
Assign Abbreviations to your clips and Clips will type/paste them automatically for you when you enter the abbreviation anywhere on your Mac. Use abbreviations for emails, signatures, code, or anything else you can think of.

– Shortcuts
Clips enables you to define shortcuts to paste the five most recent items. You can also define your own shortcuts to paste additional clips of your choosing.

– Drag and Drop
Want to store an email, a piece of text, a Web page for future reference? Just drop it onto the Clips panel!

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