Is your vocabulary in another language about to be tested? Now you can quickly practise the words on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Do you have a moment in between classes? That’s the perfect time to work on your word skills.

WrtsMobile can be used independently, or as a complement to wrts.nl allowing you to practise words on your mobile device.

There are four types of tests: Spelling, Multiple Choice, In your mind, Translation

Practise naturally from language A to language B and the other way around.

To use independently: The first time you run WrtsMobile you choose to create a new list, name it and the languages, and add words. Create as many lists as you like, for as many languages pairs as you like. Once you have at least one list, you can start practising.

To use with wrts.nl: Create an account on Wrts.nl. Enter lists of words, or copy them from friends. The first time you run WrtsMobile you choose to download lists, enter your Wrts login data and the lists will be fetched from the server. After that you’re ready to practice, without needing to be online. You can see the results of your test rounds, and when you synchronise lists with the server these results are uploaded to Wrts.nl.

Languages available for pronunciation: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek

WrtsMobile is a Digischool (www.digischool.nl) product and therefore its use and that of Wrts.nl are free of charge. (Ads can be turned off, and pronunciation can be enabled, via in-app purchase.)

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