Wombi Treasures – a treasure hunt game for kids

—- Come along on an adventure and search for lost treasures! —–

“…unique little game… an excellent way to get juniors to learn often underappreciated subjects like history and geography.” – GEEKS WITH JUNIORS

“Great for independent play.” – SMART APPS FOR KIDS

“Playful and very fun.” – THE GUARDIAN

“…a great little treasure hunt game with rich graphics…kept my six year old excited to keep playing again and again.” – PC ADVISOR

“…great fun.” – APPS PLAYGROUND

“…Wombi Treasures is the new family favorite app in our house.” – GIGGLEAPPS

Treasure hunter Scouty needs your help!
Hundreds of treasures are buried around the world just waiting to be discovered. Explore forgotten ruins, scorching deserts, and the deepest forests with Scouty to locate and dig up historical treasures. For help, you’ll have maps, an airplane, and different archeological tools!

Start your airplane and launch into a tricky adventure that will take you all over the world!

– Many multi-faceted landscapes, textured environments, and exciting treasures. Different discoveries every time you play!
– Several different game elements! Fly and search! Dig and discover!
– Features for learning continent geography and map reading, as well as an introduction to archeology and understanding historical artifacts
– Child friendly, easy to participate, and clear. No reading ability necessary.
– Mood setting music and sound effects!
– Beautiful illustrations of treasures and environments!
– No in-app purchases
– No advertising

Suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

YouTube trailer:

Download it here it is (now) free!