Where is that? HD

Number one geography game with over 1.5 mio players worldwide available in English, Français, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Português, Pyccĸий, 简体中文, Español, Nederlands. Top 10 Trivia Game in 66 Countries.

If you know the world or want to learn geography you have to play this game and find Countries, Capitals, Cities, States, Stadiums, Mountains and Skyscrapers all over the world.

Aim for the lowest distance, the shortest time and the highest score. Climb to the top spot of the Game Center highscores. Challenge your friends on parties with up to 8 players in MULTIPLAYER on one device.

The map is generated out of OpenStreetMap Data and can be used like the native Map. Zoom in and out as you like to find the exact position. For detailled adjustments use the magnifying glass by dragging your pin.

Every location is connected to WIKIPEDIA, so you can read about every location right away in your language (around 75% of locations are translated).

– 2500+ Locations in 20+ categories
– Multiplayer with up to 8 players on one device (pass’n play)
– Zoomable OpenstreetMap available offline
– Highscores for every category in Game Center
– Available in many languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Russian)
– Wikipedia link for every location
– Optional Timer
– Easy and Hard Mode (without borders)

Download it here it is (now) free!