Texas Poker

Do you love poker? Want to play against real people instead of a computer, right from the comfort of your iPhone or iPod Touch? Come and join the club where poker lovers from all over the world hang out to play and chat about their favorite game – poker. All level of Pokerists welcome. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You’ve joined a game but haven’t really got anything in your hand. Everyone has folded except you and one other user. You take another at your cards. Can you bluff you way through? Your device vibrates; you have to make a decision, now. You hit the fold button, which was a wise decision as it turns out. The other user wasn’t bluffing.

Before continuing, you check that guy out. Clicking on his avatar, you discover that he’s a level 2 player with a lot of games and winnings under his belt. He has tons of friends, too. Maybe moving to a different table is a good idea. You stand up and move on.

Deciding to buy in on a new game, you’re dealt a pair, right off the bat. Things are looking up! You quickly purchase some more chips and raise the stakes. This time, you’re pitted against two other players after the others fold. What will you do?

Texas Poker holds plenty of exciting poker action for Pokerists of all levels. Choose a desk and play a hand. When you want to try your luck elsewhere, there are lots of other tables to consider.

Want to learn about the other players before committing to a hand? No problem, you can click on any user to find out what level of play they are at, the number of games they’ve played and their percentage of winnings. You can even see how many friends they have.

Speaking of friends, you’re going to want to invite yours to join this great, interactive community. It’s easy to do, there’s a button just for that purpose.

Once you have some friends, feel free to indulge in some talk about your favorite game – poker. That’s what the Texas Poker app is all about. More than just a gaming application, this club type of community has been developed by poker lovers for poker lovers. Go ahead and chat about the subject as long as you want. Discuss strategy, near wins, agonizing losses, whatever you like. It’s all about the game.