TapTapToink: Musical Puzzles and Games for Children

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#1 in France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland and more…

“…I love the look of the puzzles and pictures – many would look just as beautiful hung on a nursery wall as a piece of modern art…”, Babyology, Australia

“TapTapToink…is one of the most unique early visual and auditory apps for the very young that I have ever seen. It is so engrossing that I had a hard time stopping play to write this review.”, Jo Booth, AppyMall

“… Original, offering a varied and different discovery, Tap Tap Toink is unlike any other application!” , La Sauterelle Tactile , Belgium

“Tap Tap Toink looks beautiful, especially the puzzles are very nicely designed.”, IpadClub, Netherlands

” TapTapToink is filled with fun and noisy sound effects. They offer an immediate feedback as juniors interact with the app. The app also offers fun and fluid animation to keep them engaged.”, Geeks With Juniors

“… A minimalist, beautifully-designed game … Highly recommended.” , Focus Magazine, Germany

Tap Tap Toink is a soothing world of colors, shapes and sounds, developed specially for children aged 0-5, recently published on the AppStore in 15 languages for the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.

The app consists of a series of puzzles and games, with increasing difficulty, that come alive when completed at the sound of an original tune composed in a special instrument, a mixture of maraca and marimba. These activities allow children to improve visual association, practice logical thinking and, most importantly, have fun!

Activities include:
– Matching colors, shapes, textures and shades
– Recognizing animals and vehicles
– Associating colors, objects and sounds.


GeoMatry : matching and nesting shapes

Word Teller for Kids : Exploring the sounds of the English Language

Download it here it is (now) free!