Talking Pals-Kooka !!

Meet Kooka, your very own cute talking pal that responds to your voice and gestures.

Talk to him and he will repeat whatever you say, poke him on his ears & foot and he will be annoyed, tickle him & he will laugh earnestly, drag the bird feather to his noise and he will sneeze and finally, slap him if he goes off to sleep.

Kooka is also very spontaneous; he will drink from a stem and pee shamelessly in front of you, drop a pear from tree and he will swallow it one gulp not forgetting to burp afterwards.

But mind you, his favorite food is the eucalyptus leaves located in the top branch of the tree, try and hover a leaf over his head and be amazed to see how he snatches it from you.

Kooka is meant to be your pal but a pal that obey your every command but if he doesn’t then you have the power to punish him; drag him upwards by his hair and he will groan, tilt your device and he will have hard time balancing himself, tap on the tree hole to plant a hidden bomb besides him and watch him getting toasted.

The last and most effective way of punishing him is to expand him like an air balloon by touching and holding your finger over his nose.

Free for a limited time, get it now!