Stuck in a conversation or meeting? Wishing you could get away? SuckerDucker is here to answer your prayers. Open the app and duck that sucker.

SuckerDucker is free for St Patrick’s day! If you haven’t tried it out yet nows your chance. What better app to have on your side while trying to avoid the drunken masses?!
Many apps have attempted, but none have executed it so well. SuckerDucker is out to claim the number one fake text and fake phone call spot in the iTunes App Store.

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your fake phone calls and fake texts are the most convincing around. Other apps have overlooked the minor details, we’ve spent our time combing over them and scrutinizing every aspect.

You share all too much information on social networks? Great! We’ve got Twitter integration in this version so you can Tweet once you’ve ducked out.

You can set a custom wallpaper and select from a wide range of ring and text tones to personalize your SuckerDucker experience.

If you select a contact with a photo set it will automatically appear when they ‘call’ you within the app.

The exclusive Quick Duck feature allows you to set either a text or ring tone as your first option the second SuckerDucker opens. No hassling with menus of any sort; simply open the app and hit the first icon you see. QuickDucks make it easier than ever to get away.