Set the clock – telling time (learn to tell time)

’Set the Clock’ is free today in collaboration with the AppEvent! Visit www.appevent.com for more free apps!

* Listed in the top 3 of educational apps in the Dutch App Store!

‘Set the clock’ can help your child to learn to tell time and revives old times by reintroducing the wooden clock on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

You can practice together with your child, or let him/her perform assignments on his/her own using the nine game types in the App: “Set the clock’, ‘Tell the time’, ‘Adjust the clock’ and more. The assignments are clearly pronounced in English.

Besides English, it is also possible to have the assignments spoken in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and even Chinese. This makes that “Set the clock” can provide enough challenge even for older children.

Each game type, has five levels of difficulty. When enough correct answers are given, you are rewarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal!

– Beautifully designed wooden clock.
– Earn medals and shows that you are a real time telling champion!
– Multiple game modes (nine in total; analog and digital):
> Learn to set the clock to the correct time.
> Choose which clock displays the correct time.
> Learn to set the clock ahead or back.
– Tap the clock’s digits to hear what number it is.
– English spoken, so your child can practice independently.
– Different levels: hours, half hours, per quarter and per 5 minutes.
– Also suitable for older children / pupils, because of the ability to tell time in other languages.

In short: a great educational app for both young and old. Learn telling time is just as fun as ever!

Download it here it is (now) free!