Throw picks, catch gems and fill 20 barrels with riches of the deeps in this funny underground arcade!

Assist two nice, but clumsy and, to be honest, a bit silly dwarfs in obtaining precious stones in the rich mine, where gems are falling down from the arch like a shower. Picks to knock gems down and a cart to catch them – that is all they have at hand.

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Accurately aim and throw the pick and try to knock down as much gems as you can. In every cave you have only 6 picks to throw, so don’t waste them for nothing and try to bring down more than one gem by one throw. Tilt device to make the dwarf with a cart move and catch falling objects.

If you catch a falling pick, you can use it again, so don’t waste your chances. All the gems have different costs, there are also useless rocks without any value – avoid catching them with your cart. You shouldn’t forget about the underground inhabitants as well. Beware of ghosts, bats, spiders and cobwebs. For some reason they love picks and steal them. The level lasts until you bring down the last gem (you win) or use your last pick (you fail).