Reiner Knizia’s Yoku-Gami Time Attack

Yoku-Gami is unique, challenging and addictive easy to learn game. Rules are simple, so anyone can play!

Select numbers across the screen to highlight a group of adjacent numbers. If the greatest number in the group equals the total of all the other numbers in the group, you have performed a successful turn. For each successful turn numbers will grey out (disappear) and be replenished with new numbers (according to selected game mode). As you progress through the game numbers are increasing making game more challenging.

Three different game types to pick depending of your personal preferences.
Put your mind to rest and join plain old fun with ENDLESS mode where fun never stops.
Test your strategy skills in ARCADE mode and show how good you are.
If you have what it takes take Yoki in LEVEL mode and come to glory by clearing up the board.

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