Project 72

The Game That Everyone Loves is back! Bigger, Better And Faster Than Ever!

Project 72 Returns to Itunes and you are invited to enjoy all the casual magic that it brings.

Get ready for a thrilling ride as you take control of the most powerful space ship of all time, the P72.

The answer to why the universe exists is at stake, and you are the chosen one to blast your way through space
on your way to the ultimate revelation.

The thrilling ride is paved with danger and you better get ready to avoid those alien UFO┬┤s, dangerous
black holes and of course the hazardous satellites and meteoroids!

Collect powerups, including jet fuel, tesla guns, and shield in order to stay alive on your way to the final destination.

The new and improved Project 72 brings you HOT 3D graphics, smooth gameplay and new exciting features
that will make you enjoy this game for a long time.

Get it here!