Pirate Battle

Sweeten the bitter pill:
As a small compensation for the german national team not making the finals this World cup, we will offer Pirate Battle for free this weekend starting Friday (07-09-2010) and ending Monday (07-12-2010)…

Cast off and set sails! There aren’t many who aren’t aware of the classic “Battleships ” game – the quick strategy game that be fitted in-between other things. And the online multiplayer game “Pirate Battle” allows you to play against friends and acquaintances wherever they may find themselves to be, turn by turn. You can of course also play against a random opponent.

The integrated chat function is handy when you want to talk to your friends while playing.

Pirate Battle is the ideal game to play whilst doing other things – you are notified by push or email when it is your turn.

Get it now!