As a chief engineer, you’ve created a prototype robot, but before sign-off and mass production it must pass a series of tests. It’s up to you to guide your fledgling robot through a series of puzzles to the finish line by programming your robot’s moves, and then watch it race across conveyor belts, and rotating discs to either success or destruction.

Compete against the clock and your dwindling battery power, find your way through laser beams, and damage inflicting crushers. Turn your iPad into an interactive table top game, and race against your friends in two player mode to prove who is the true master of “Parcours.robo”.

The game comes with a number of beginner, starter, and a few advanced levels, it records your best effort and compares against our engineer’s estimation of optimal results. In two player mode it lets you complete against your friends using the iPad as a electronic board game.

It may seem easy, but fiendishly clever rotating disks turn your robot around, confusing your sense of direction as you attempt to layout five move cards per cycle as you complete against the clock and the dwindling battery power. In complex levels you have the ability to visit charging stations, but these levels usually come with nasty lasers that pound on your robot’s shields causing them to consume energy at a terrific rate.

Can you advance? Turn around, go around, make a double move? Many solutions are possible, can you beat the best recorded time & moves?

If you like the boardgame Robo Rally, you’ll like this game, get it here!