Panda Adventure

Panda Adventure is an exquisite, puzzle-style arcade game with a story reminiscent of a fairy tale. The game implements an innovative arcade-like game that provides intuitive gameplay and a familiar user interface with increasing accessibility.

The Story:
Panda Land, the ultimate paradise for pandas, was a beautiful place where all pandas could live happily because of the ‘six stars’ brightly shinning down on the land. Sadly, one day the ‘six stars’ were taken by evil villains. Pandas began to suffer from the darkness and fell into despair. However, a hero emerged. A brave, wise panda decided to take the long journey to bring back the stolen ‘six stars’ to Panda Land.

The game offers 7 worlds and 70 stages which is more than enough to keep players happy for a while. Also, to keep gamers happy and challenged, the game gets increasingly more difficult and adds interesting elements as the player progresses. The faster the player clears the stage, the more points the player will earn.

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