In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, MonstaPuzz is Free for TODAY only!

Basic Gameplay :
The basic goal of the game is to clear the board of tiles as fast as possible. You do so by eliminating matching pairs of tiles. The tiles may be next to each other or can be connected by a line that is not interrupted by other tiles and may not bend more than two times.

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Monsta Mode :
In this mode the play field is first empty and the monsta tiles keep popping up with a speed and count based on the easy, medium or hard selection. The aim is to keep the play field not getting complete and eliminating as many monstas as possible. The game is over when the play field if full.

Classic Mode :
In this mode the play field is already filled with monsta tiles and you must clear the play field in the fastest time possible to complete the game and get the achievements.