Matrix Code Camera 3D + Clock + more!

Prepare to encode your world in a flowing matrix of 3D code, live from your camera, or your photos! Or simply relax and watch the code flow, with this all in 1 matrix code app!

– Live encoding directly from the front or back camera! Encode yourself, your friends, your cat, your WORLD!
– Designed for both iPhone and iPad, using the new iPad2 cameras!
– Encode any image from your library.
– Encode your world in full colour, or in shades of your selected code colours.
– Watch time flow with your own code clock.
– All modes available in flat 2D code, or a 3D forrest of flowing code lines.
– Rotate the code in 3D with your finger, use pinch moves to zoom in and out.
– Edit the size of each glyph, density of the code, colours of the code and more!

Free for this weekend only, get it here!