Magic Guard

This is an action role-playing game about strategy, defense, shooting, bloody violence and personal heroism.

In this game, you can be a hero, get weapons, choose traps, place these on the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the stairs, the bridge and so on. You can create a 3D combination defense. The most important thing is to safeguard the Magic Portal. You have to make sure the magical instrument is not seized by the devil.

You can pay $2 to buy a hamburger and get 10 minutes of taste pleasure or you can buy the full version of Magic Guard to get a few days of gaming pleasure! If our developers have enough budget we will continue to add subsequent game content. Full version users will have free access to this subsequent content. This game has no IAP and very little advertising. Support us and lets change the world now!

Apologies for the initial localization errors, the first amateur localization vendor we used used an automatic translating system and cheated us.

Warning: This game app runs better on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation)! The game app has a poorer performance on iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th generation). We have therefore limited the number of enemies that can appear at the same time for smoother running on these devices. Unfortunately this makes the game too easy for some users on these devices.

Buy it here for only $1.99