Luna Story Special

There is a boy at the corner of a village which is located in a blue moonlit valley in the southeastern part of Alchimia, known as the birthplace of the legend Shangr-La civilization.

The boy, Ray, falls asleep at the blue moonlit valley and dreams of a mystical unicorn figure. Then he comes back to his village and finds that his father, Baron, fell at the hand of Fuzzy Navel soldiers.

Baron leaves a will to keep his and colleague’s study for old Shangri-La civilization. Ray starts to travel to find five Elixirs without knowing his dreams. During the travel, Ray meets lots of Bohemians who are persecuted by Fuzzy Navel and he learns humors and calmness from the Bohemians. Ray realizes the harmony of Mother Nature in order to get the five Elixirs Luna mentioned before and finally finds the Utopia many people really want. But Ray seriously worries what he really wants…

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