Looking For Group: Flaming Edition

Looking For Group has come to the App Store – with fire! “Looking For Group: Flaming Edition” brings Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza’s award-winning webcomic to your fingertips. Powered by the ZeeGee Reader, this release is packed with bonus features and extras.

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The Flaming Edition, supported by both the iPhone and iPod Touch, includes:
– The first issue of Looking For Group, with the ability to purchase issues 2-4 from within the app.
– Burn Mode, which lets you unleash fiery destruction on a page with just a touch
– An in-app download of “Slaughter Your World”, the infamous LFG animation, in stunning high resolution

Also included are the staple features of the ZeeGee Reader:
– Smart Panels™, which let you browse each page with a robust selection of panel-by-panel options
– Shake-to-Advance, an option that lets you browse to the next panel or page by shaking the device
– An intuitive page browser, including thumbnails of each page
– The ability to browse pages in both portrait and landscape orientation
– …and much more!