A zoo in your pocket
KoeDoetBoe is an interactive book for iPhone and iPod Touch which you have always with you. on the road in the car, on holiday or in your livingroom. Childern will get to know 20 different animals and the sounds they make.

For the little ones
KoeDoetBoe opens up a world of joy for young childern and their parents. From the moment the child starts with his or her first words, KoeDoetBoe will keep them fascinated for hours.

Two different modes
Childern can play KoeDoetBoe in two ways. One of the modes they get to know the animals and the sounds they make. In the other mode they will be encouraged to recognize the animal they hear.

The animals keep talking
KoeDoetBoe holds 20 animals, in happy colors en all with their own sound. KoeDoetBoe is in Dutch but will soon be available in English.

Free for a limited time, get it here!