Kids Paint Plus

Help your little one learn about shapes and colors in a fun way. Kids Paint Plus teaches children about circles, squares, triangles and more as they create colorful pictures with their fingers. This app has been specially designed for youngsters. It’s easy to use and they’ll want to play with it for hours. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Your child is engrossed in creating a masterpiece. Using all ten fingers, his little brow furrowed in concentration over the iPad, he applies color to trees, water, sky. Tapping a button, he instantly changes colors to really bring his picture to life. Taking one last look, he’s satisfied. Smiling, he brings it to you so you can admire and save his work.

Kids love creating with Kids Paint Plus. The app’s multiple pages lets them color existing drawings or make brand new ones from scratch. All they have to do is press a button to get a shape on the screen. When they press it again, they get a different one. They can keep going until they fill the screen with all the shapes they want.

When it comes to adding color, children get all the fun of finger painting without the mess. They can use one tiny finger or all ten to express themselves on the screen. The shape button will show what color they have loaded, so they know to change the yellow that turned the circle into a sun, to a green that’s going to transform that triangle into a pine tree.

Once your child has finished his beautiful artwork, why not export it to your photo library? It will become a cherished keepsake that you can look back on whenever you’re feeling nostalgic, or make it handy for those times when you want to proudly show the picture to friends and family.

Youngsters are full of natural curiosity and love to create. They don’t know or care that they’re learning while using Kids Paint Plus, but parents do. Isn’t nice to know that they can fun at the same time?

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