Jigsaw Puzzle Food

* Awarded with best game for kids of age 0-4 by Mommy’s and Daddy’s in 2012.
* Number 1 in the Educational category in more than ten countries.

Welcome to the Food Puzzle!

“A fun and educational puzzle for children of 0-4 years of age!

You can choose out of 40 puzzles with moren than 50 different food items in 2 game variations.

“Your child can move the pieces easily across the screen.

The puzzles vary in difficulty and so it helps, in a playful way, to improve the logical thinking ability of your child.

This game:
*Improves eye hand coordination of your child.
*Creates a lot of fun
*Let your child learn about all the food items.

The interface is clear, interactive and designed specifically for young children.

The app is completely in English

Download it here it is (now) free!