InstaMail allows you to add push email functionality to any of your regular email accounts.

With a push account you don’t have to check your emails regularly to see if you received a new email. The push service notifies you automatically whenever a new email is received. You get a notification on your screen with the email headers (sender, receiver, subject) seconds after you receive it. If you decide you want to read it, you can go into your regular email client.

Many email servers don’t have push functionality. And to add it to the server usually costs a lot of money. But every email server has a forwarding option. By simply forwarding a copy of your emails to your account at you add push functionality to your email account.

And InstaMail works with more than one email account. You can add up to 10 email accounts for which you want to add push functionality. Every notification contains also the receiving email address so you can easily see for which email account you got the email.

InstaMail has also filters. For each email account you can define for which email addresses you want to be notified. If you have a high traffic email account and only want to be notified for a couple of senders, just add those senders to the filters and InstaMail will only send notifications for them.

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