iMonitorPLUS is a simple to use app that puts a Network Operations Center right on your iPhone. Monitor anything with an IP address or web URL, and with Apple push notifications, you’re always in touch when outages occur….PLUS, powerful Group Options and shared information allow you to build your own Professional Group with the members of your staff so no one is ever out of touch.

iPhone 4.0 Update: We are submitting an update to cleanup screen resolution changes that effect the setup and how fast a screen refreshes. See for details

The result – With iMonitorPLUS’s unique Reach-Inside Agent technology and your iPhone, you can now monitor unlimited locations, devices, and web sites regardless of their geographic location. The best part of it all, you manage everything right from your iPhone.

In this fast paced ever changing world put iMonitorPLUS to work on your staff with one of the most sophisticated but simple to use iPhone Business applications that will grow with you.

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