IceCube Adventures

Play the new 2D Platform game IceCube Adventures for your iPad in HD with unique one-touch control mechanics. No tilting/swiping or controls on your screen! Go on an adventure with IceCube to fight all evil in the world!

IceCube Adventure features:
– A challenging 2D Platform game like you never played before!
– Beautiful HD graphics combined with impressive game music and great sound effects delivers an immersive game experience.
– Play the game in easy or hard mode, to test if you are really able to master the game.
– Tutorial and Assistance Control
– Multitasking support

Explore many various places, visit the Dark Forest, find secret Caves, climb the Mountain and enter the Old Mine. IceCube Adventures will keep even the enthusiast gamers attracted for several hours. Solve puzzles, fight ShadowCubes, collect keys and acquire skills to save the world!

Both iPad and iPhone versions are free for a limited time, get them now!