With this application you can configure mortgages and save them. Also the maximum loan is calculated based on income data and interest rate. Financial overviews of the mortgage can be e-mail to you as a PDF file from the application.

Defining a basic mortgage can be done in the ‘Hypotheek’ tab. You can split the loan into an interest-only and an amortizing part.

More detailed composition of a mortgage can be done in the ‘Archief’ tab. You can pick as many interest-only and amortizing components as desired. There is also a component for insurance which only stores the monthly payment. Per component you can set the amount, the interest rate, the fixed rate period, the remaining period the interest is tax deductible (in the Netherlands limited to 30 years). For amortizing components you can pick the start value you want to deposit.

Monthly payments are displayed graphically in the PDF files.

During the latest elections in the Netherlands, political parties started to discuss if tax deduction of interest should be limited in some way. Effects of these limitations can be simulated in the app. Also an inflation correction can be included in the calculations. The results of these calculations are displayed graphically in the PDF files.

The Hypotheek application has been developed for the Dutch market and follows Dutch regulations to do the financial calculations. The application is created by Pipposoft.com. Supported language: Dutch.

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