The hunt is on and you are the target!

Choose from four unique pursuers, select how fast they will be, how much of a head start they’ll give you and make a run for the safe zone! You will know whenever your pursuers come closer; their ominous sound will swell up in the background. Whether it’s The Law, a pack of snarling dogs or a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals, you better pick up the pace to stay ahead!


– Choose from 4 unique pursuers, each with their own accompanying sounds
– Track your own progress and the progress of your pursuer in real time
– Use it on foot, in a car, on a train; anywhere you can receive a solid GPS signal
– Use your surroundings to hide from the GPS signal, win time and confuse your pursuer
– Challenge your friends!

Use HuntedApp as a novel way to get back in shape (a fitness app that is actually fun to use) or simply to make your daily commute a little more exciting. This app will augment your reality as no other App has done before.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Buy it here to improve your health :) only $0.99