This is a complete new approach to puzzling in the App Store.

Drag hexagon shaped tiles around with your finger until the amount of tiles touching it equals the number on each tile. Every move gives you a point, the goal is to finish each level with as little points as possible.

– 120 well-balanced levels in 3 difficulties.
– 40 Time Trial levels, puzzle against the clock.
– Endless Quick Games.
– Play your own music on the background.

You can play Hexgame for 30 seconds or 30 minutes because of the wide range of difficulty between the levels.

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How to play:
-You start with a playing area of 40 hexagon shaped fields.
-There is a certain amount of colored tiles with a number on each of them.
– This number represents the amount of tiles it should be touching to complete the level.
-You can drag the tiles around over the empty spaces with your finger.
-A tile can’t be placed on top of another tile.
– When a tile has the right amount of tiles touching it the number on the tile turns black.
-Your high score is displayed on the level selection screen, underneath the level.