Heron: Steam Machine

Heron: Steam Machine is Triangle Studios’ take on the pipe puzzle format. In Heron: Steam Machine, players have to connect pipes to keep the Steam Machine running. The gameplay mechanic is simple and addictive, anybody can learn to play Heron within minutes, but only experts are able to achieve the highest scores.

Get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/heron-steam-machine/id334007722?mt=8&at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawp

Key features:
* Addictive singleplayer fun for all ages.
* High quality 2D Graphics.
* Upbeat soundtrack.
* Highscores.

The story:
For many years, a mechanic named Ron has been working at the factory for Rubber Duckies. One day, the owner of the factory decided to retire, and leave the family business to his evil son, who has different plans with the factory altogether. The evil son doubled production targets for the factory, and as a result, Ron has to work at least twice as hard to keep up with the high demands of his new boss. The player has to help Ron out in the factory, and together they face the challenge of keeping the Steam Machine from breaking down!

Heron: Steam Machine is a game about a factory where rubber duckies are being produced by a large steam engine. On this steam engine, there are four different gauges which you will have to watch carefully.

These gauges represent steam (green), electricity (yellow), water (blue) and oil (red). When the gauges start to rise, you will have to connect a pipe with the color corresponding with the gauge. Green pipes for steam, yellow ones for electricity, the blue pipes for water and the red ones for oil. Gauges will only rise when an entry- and exit point of the same color appears on the screen.

By connecting the pipes, you will earn points and relieve some of the pressure, keeping the machine running just a little bit longer! If one of the gauges reaches it’s maximum, the machine will eventually blow up, and the game is over.