‘GOGOGO’ is a funny strategy/puzzle game.
That doesn’t make you have a headache.

If you’ve not played the game a lot,
you don’t have to worry about that.
Because we have the tutorial it helps you a lot.
You can learn easily how to play the game.

Free for a limited time, get it here!Absolutely If you’ve played the game a lot and
you are goot at playing a game,
You can play now without any instructions(or directions).

‘GOGOGO’ is a very addictive game.
The car goes after the road that you’ve designed.
You have to move your car door to door safely.
But, just remember (that) you must not stop the car and you have to keep the car going.
It’s the goal of this game.

There are 3 stages, each stage has 20 serve stages.
So we totally have 60 stages.
Absolutely each stage’s level consists of random level.
Every time you play the game,
the level design is randomly created.
If you play the same stage over again,you never feel bored.
Because it consists of random level.

There are 3 game modes : normal mode, time attack mode, traffic control mode.

The longer you construct the road the more you can get score a lot.
Each road has a different score and Construct the crossroad with the traffic light.
And then and you can control the traffic light that can control your car.

Absolutely this is an easy game so you can begin it easily, but there are so many ways to clear the game with a lot of strategies which are endless so it’s not simple game.

Absolutely If you have a good strategy in playing the game and you have good judgment or you react
quickly to rapidly changing situations, you can get great score more.
If your stage is getting harder the road you’ve designed will be broken by some obstacles that disturb for
you to construct the road and furthermore that crush the road you’ve designed,
so you can not relax while playing the game!

Show your score off !