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With GEOKIDS, learning Geography is fun.
Countries, Flags, Capitals, Population, Area…

Several game modes are used to learn geography in different ways:

– GEOKID Mode:
In the GeoKid mode, Kids have to navigate in the world map and indicate where are the countries or the capitals, according to questions on the country name, on the flag, on the capital or on monuments.

– QUIZ Mode:
In the Quiz mode, answer multiple choice questions, about countries, flags, capitals, monuments, areas as well as the inhabitants of the largest countries in the world.

– Flag Mode:
This game mode displays all the flags of the world and allows to get information about countries by clicking them.

– Discovery Mode:
In this game mode, navigate freely on the world map and discover all countries. A search mode is also available to locate all countries and capitals all around the world.

– Puzzle Mode:
Each time you succeed to answer questions in GeoKid and Quiz modes, you earn stars that unlock wooden puzzles about world countries.

– 2 Levels of Difficulty:
With this choice of difficulty, Kids start learning with a selection of the best-known country and can then switch to hard mode to play with all countries in the world.

GEOKIDS is both easy to use and rich in content.

Your kids will love to travel in all countries of the world and learn to locate them on the map.

Learning Geography has never been so fun.

With GEOKIDS, your kids will become the Geography masters!!!

Download it here it is (now) free!