Freelancer Mobile Client

Full featured mobile client.

• Post new project
• Browse projects by categories(app shows projects for selected skills in your profile)
• Bookmarks
• Bid on project
• Retract bid
• View bids
• View attached files
• View user profile
• View user feedback
• Select winners
• Send / receive messages
• Post feedback
• Create milestone payments
• Direct money transfer
• Manage pending milestones
• Send withdrawal request
• Manage pending withdrawals
• Manage account details
• App stores OAuth access token and bookmarks on iCloud

App based on Freelancer API(

• App doesn’t show details for private projects (it’s Freelancer API bug / restriction, check FAQ page on app website for more details)

• If after authorization safari doesn’t redirect you back to app, reset passwords for in safari or just sign out on in safari.

Check out for more details about app.

Feel free to ask questions, report bugs or request new features: [email protected]

Buy it here for only $6.99