Find All Premium – Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Development

*** Early childhood education & development. ***
*** Train and improve your child concentration and attention! ***

This learning game is specially designed for kids, toddlers and preschoolers for children’s brain training and development.

“A must have for parents!” – Enjoy your free time while your kid plays this amazing animated learning game.

In each game, the kid needs to focus, find and point certain items/insects/birds etc.
When Kid find and point the item it’s disappearing from the screen. Your Child will be very excited to find and tap those items.

With this fun game your child can improve his/her concentration and attention and at the same time will have the wonderful time and much joy.

* Improve child concentration and perception.
* Develop attention and ability to focus
* Visual-active thinking
* Fine motor skills

This game is a part of series of educational children games for kids that consist of applications aimed at the development of sensory-motor intelligence , speech, visual- active thinking, concentration, perception, attention.

This educational game is based on the researches of the Center Preschool child development and education. The system covers all the main aspects of the child’s mental development and is designed for different age group to develop specific children abilities.
We hope that our games will become the good assistant in your child education, help methodically correctly and harmoniously develop the essential skills and abilities and prepare the child for school, and at the same time the education will be great for you and your child.

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