Extreme Expose It! (Ford Mustangs 2005~2010)

MUSTANGS! MUSTANGS! MUSTANGS!!!! What is more American like apple pie other than the ever famous Ford Mustang! The horsepower, the lines, then ever menacing grumble of its V8! We love the Ford Mustang and especially the new 2005~2010 editions. We received a ton of fan mail regarding this request and now here it is.

Gameplay is very simple and easy to learn in the first 10 seconds! Great for everyone!
– You must reveal the image hidden behind the mask.
– You control the icon by swiping up, down, left or right anywhere on the screen. Create and connect your exposure lines to other ends of the frame.
– There are BADDIES in the area so watch out! Avoid them when drawing your exposure line across the screen.

There will be more updates to this edition so get it now while it’s still free!