Download Eggrollin’ Full Version for free and start sharing your level creations with friends.

CREATE, SAVE, EDIT, PLAY and now SHARE your custom levels with your friends!!! Simply send your level creations to your friends by tapping the mail icon in the level creator or upload your friend’s levels into your saved level collection. It’s that simple! EggRollin’ has 18 save slots for you to store or upload levels to.

“EggRollin’ is a fun, physics-based puzzle game that offers cute, family-friendly gameplay and graphics as well as some truly challenging levels.”- AppAddict

“If you’re looking for a challenging physics-based game for your iPhone or iPod Touch, this is it!”- Appmodo

“If you played Rolando or Katamari you will like to roll these eggs too. Fun game, super bright colors, well made, tons of levels. You can’t go wrong getting this one!” – Slide to Play

Use the accelerometer controls to roll your Marutama egg from platform to platform collecting energy beads. Use the tap function to bounce your Marutama onto higher levels and avoid obstacles. Roll, bounce, balance, fling and slide your way through 72 challenging levels across 4 unique environments- each providing a different gameplay mechanic.

Egg Rollin’ is a fun and addictive pick-up-and-play game that delivers amazing real time physics driven controls with a unique level creator mode…THAT’S RIGHT! You can build, edit and save your own levels! Egg Rollin’ is a time based game making every experience different and offers unlimited replayability.

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