Dragon Slayers – Epic RPG

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Dragonslayer is an intense, breathtaking action-RPG adventure. Be transported to a land of magic, mystery, and ofcourse, danger.

Lose yourself in an incredibly expansive, impressively open, three-dimensional world the likes of which you’ve never imagined. Travel to a land where simple peasants pray for a hero, and challenge yourself to become the hero they so desperately need.

Dragonslayer features beautiful, creative artwork, and custom sound effects. Both are further enhanced by the game’s instrumental score, which complements the fantasy epic theme. Players may choose to play as one of two classes. Those that prefer the straightforward manner of a man who solves problems with his sword will gravitate toward the warrior class. For those who tend toward cunning and finesse, the lovely but deadly female mage is a better choice.

And if you have the heart, the skill, and the endurance to succeed, you will find you’ve become more than a hero: You’ve become a Dragonslayer.


An Incredible 3D Experience
▷ Rendered entirely in three dimensions, Dragonslayer is as realistic as it is fantastical.
▷ Gorgeous textures and detailed environments bring the fantasy to life
▷ Inspired character design—not only for the player characters, but for the townsfolk, the mobs, and the quest-givers
▷ Detailed animations for each combat skill and special attack, perfectly timed with custom sound effects
▷ 360 degree, rotating, flying-camera point of view gives you a heart stopping view of the constant action

Ultimate Action RPG Game Play
▷ Choose to play as a battle hardened mage or a warrior who lives and dies by the sword
▷ Discover your purpose in an expansive, well developed universe
▷ Explore a world fit for PC gaming, with the convenience of a mobile application
▷ Gather treasure by looting chests and enemies, develop your character and discover more about the story throughout the game’s numerous quest lines in every area
▷ Improve the skills that keep you alive—and make sure your enemies die—by earning and applying skill points to support your own personally preferred play style
▷ Improve your gear, store your items, and buy new items by interacting with NPCs

Other Features
▷ Waypoints serve as travel shortcuts, letting you experience the world the way you’
▷ Use the network auction house to obtain and sell goods
▷ Buy useful game-enhancing items and boosters with in-app purchases


–Dragonslayer requires a minimum of 2GB free space. Please give the game adequate time (up to ten minutes depending on your device and connection) to download before turning off your phone in order to prevent installation errors. After the initial download, additional downloads may be required. You should be connected to a WiFi network to download additional content and updates.

–Dragonslayer is a single player game and your save data is stored locally on your device. If you delete the game, you will delete your saved data.

Download it here it is (now) free!