Dots 4 Tots

Education and playing in one application. It teaches precision, shapes, colors, numbers and letters.

Educational game ideal for children between 2-6 years.
The task consists in connection of subsequent points in order to uncover the hidden pictures.
The application includes 4 categories: animals, letters, numbers and shapes.
The application is educational – your kid will learn the sequence of numbers, alphabet or basic geometric shapes in a simple and pleasant way while playing.
Playing with Dots 4 Tots enables children to practice such manual capabilities as precision and accuracy, and allows to develop the language skills.
The kids have to be agile in order to connect all points. The clear colors and the pointer of the next point enable to achieve the goal in an easier way.
While playing the child will be accompanied by the funny sound effects and the lector voice reading the name of the uncovered picture.
We guarantee that the kids will connect the subsequent points with interest knowing that they await the surprise at the end!

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